Skin Dermatology and Cosmetic Services

Explore our comprehensive dermatological and cosmetic treatments in a serene and professional environment. Experience personalized care tailored to meet your individual needs and enhance your natural beauty.


The NOVS Skin Dermatology and Cosmetic Services

At Next Ov Skin, we believe in the transformative power of expertly delivered aesthetic treatments. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing you with a unique and satisfying experience that rejuvenates both your skin and spirit.


Your Providers

Katherine Villa

Katherine Villa

Master Esthetician


With over 25 years of experience as a Master Esthetician, Katherine is truly a gem in the art and science of aesthetics. If you are lucky enough to get on her schedule, you will be wooed by her calm presence and master approach to skin restoration & rejuvenation. You can trust Katherine at Next Ov Skin to deliver top of the line treatments and services.

Jennifer Homes

Jennifer Homes

Master Esthetician

Cool, calm, and collected, Jennifer is a true master of her craft. With a wealth of knowledge and experience from her time delivering services in the finest day spas of the Northwest, you can trust that you will receive nothing short of exceptional care. Fun fact: she transitioned from the world of big business to pursue her passion for aesthetics.

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Exceptional Care From The Masters of Esthetics

Join us at Next Ov Skin for unmatched dermatological and cosmetic services. Our treatments are designed to deliver visible results that not only enhance your appearance but also improve your overall skin health.

skin dermatology and cosmetic services

Results You Can See and Feel

Next Ov Skin understands, both professionally and personally, the unique concerns and challenges women experience in their post-pregnancy bodies. A team of professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated doctors providing holistic and non-surgical solutions for women wanting to regain body confidence and love their post-pregnancy body.

Beautiful Woman Body Sculpting

The NOVS Difference

“After trying NOVS body sculpting on my stomach, I couldn’t help but want to do my arms and inner thighs because it worked so well, and I only needed two treatments in each area. I can’t complain about getting my moms genes anymore!”

– Happy Mom