C-Section Scar Recovery in Edmonds, Wa

We don’t always plan for a c-section, much less the scarring, discomfort, and pain that comes after a major surgery. At Next Ov Skin, you can decrease the pins and needles sensation, scarring, and pain.

Let Go and Release 

The NOVS C-Section scar recovery began from a home birth turned C-Section. Some women plan for it, some don’t. Either way, this savvy C-section scar recovery procedure can help you let go of all the unnecessary details that come along with this major surgery. 

Release your c-section scar:

Enjoy the Countless Benefits with Next Ov Skin’s C-Section Scar Recovery Treatment in Edmonds, Wa.

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The Benefits

C-Section Scar Recovery With Neural Therapy

Decrease Pins and Needles

Some women continue to experience pain and numbness for years after a cesarean section. This treatment can help diminish pain and improve sensory function with as little as one session.

Stop Hating The Way Your Scar Looks and Feels.

This treatment can be physically and cosmetically beneficial by diminishing and softening raised, red, and itchy scar tissue. 


Let the skin hold naturally again instead of latching to the abdominal wall causing the belly to look two-tiered and unnatural.

Let Go and Heal Trauma

Did you know the body can store memories and traumas in scar tissue? This treatment can help release emotional trauma and blocks tied to C-Section scars. Secondary complaints, such as painful menstruation, constipation, etc., can result from bound-up tight scar tissue.

How it Works

Neural Therapy is one of our c-section scar recovery treatments of choice.

C-Section Scar Recovery.

This simple treatment breaks up scar tissue using a holistic treatment called Neural Therapy. What is Neural Therapy? It is similar to scar dissection in carpel tunnel surgery. By injecting Procaine (similar to Lidocaine), we break up stuck scar tissue and make for a more painless experience. The tingle factor about this treatment is that Procaine is known to “reset” cell signaling. It’s like turning a light switch back on! Feel that buzz? Your C-section scar recovery is calling. Bonus – the appearance of the scar improves drastically.

“Every woman who has undergone a Cesarean Section should have the opportunity to book this treatment.”

At Next Ov Skin, we believe empowering women with choices is crucial.

C-Section Recovery Made Easy as  N-O-V-S.

As many as half of women now give birth by cesarean section, with about one-third of them experiencing chronic post-surgical pain. Next Ov Skin’s dermatology and Med Spa clinic in Edmonds, Wa is committed to making this procedure accessible to women of all financial backgrounds. Inquire about joining our All Access C-Section Recovery Program or donate a session to another mother and pay it forward.

Still Have Questions? 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long after having a c-section can I receive this proceedure?

OBGYN’s advise patients to wait 12 weeks after giving birth to start treatments. If you want to work on your C-Section scar, we recommend booking you your session(s) between 3-6 months after giving birth. 

Even if it’s been years after giving birth, we can still make INCREDIBLE changes.

Is my scar too old?

No! Many people think they can’t be helped if they had a C-Section 5 – 10 – 15 – 20+ years ago. This procedure can make considerable changes to your scars’ physical sensation and appearance. 

Does it hurt?

Before the C-Section scar, we apply a topical numbing cream that desensitizes any needle stick pain. Once the procaine is administered, the entire area becomes numb, and the procedure is virtually painless and takes less than 15 minutes. 

Is there any downtime?

There isn’t any downtime with our procedures. You can easily go back to your routine right after your appointment. We have pre and post-care recommendations handy so you can maximize results.

How much does it cost?

Treatment recommendations are custom depending on the size and severity of scar tissue. We offer a complimentary no-pressure consult to understand your highest priorities and develop a custom plan to give you the best outcome.

Next Ov Skin is committed to making this procedure accessible to women of all financial backgrounds. Inquire about joining our All Access C-Section Scar Recovery Program. 

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Holistic + Western + Eastern = Perfection

Enjoy a Holistic Infusion into Western Medicine

Beautiful Post-Partum Care. Contact Our Dermatology and Med Spa Clinic Today.

We provide the highest industry standard treatments and technologies to improve the lives of women.

Results You Can See and Feel

Our cosmetic procedure for C-section scars is within reach for everyday moms and addresses the common complaints of surgical scarring like pain, numbness, unsightly scarring, and pooching from the scar adhering to the abdomen wall.

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The NOVS Difference

“My main reason for seeking treatment was to reduce the pain I was left with 8 years after C-section surgery. After two treatments my pain was reduced by 80%. I am highly satisfied with my results and enjoyed my experience at the clinic.”

– Happy Mom

Conditions Treated

We have services and technologies for women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds that are safe, non-surgical, and require little to no downtime. Explore more treatments at Next Ov Skin.

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