Body Sculpting in Edmonds, Wa

Melt stubborn body fat away with Next Ov Skin’s non-surgical fat reduction treatments at our Med Spa and Dermatologist clinic in Edmonds, Wa.

 Watch Stubborn Areas Melt Away

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) body sculpting is the latest and most exciting trend in the world of non-surgical fat reduction. This technology uses HIFU waves to melt stubborn fat deposits and tighten loose skin. In as little time as one session, you can see dramatic results.

Melt Inches Away with Body Sculpting

Enjoy 20-30% Fat Reduction using HEAT with Next Ov Skin’s Body Sculpting treatments in Edmonds, Wa.

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The Benefits

NOVS Body Sculpting Melts Fat Instantly 


Reduces Fat and Tightens Skin Simultaneously

NOVS HIFU uses sound waves to heat the tissue, destroying fat cells and tightening the skin simultaneously.

Immediate and Ongoing Visible Results

Most patients experience an immediate 5-15% reduction in circumference after treatment. The results will continue and achieve the full effect in 8-12 weeks post-treatment.

20-40% Permenant Fat Reduction

After each session, NOVS HIFU can reduce fat deposits by 20-40% in the selected area.

Comfortable, Non-invasive, No Downtime

Our device is non-surgical and non-invasive-requiring no downtime. The treatment is virtually painless due to patented contact cooling, which reduces the sensation of heat.

How it Works

Studies show that HIFU technology is the highest-performing fat reduction treatment, outperforming well-known fat-freezing treatments. We are excited to offer YOU the first FDA-approved HIFU fat reduction device in Washington State.

Body Sculpting

This simple treatment melts fat using a non-invasive tech called High Intensity Focused Ultra Sound (HIFU). How Does HIFU Work? It heats tissue with acoustic sound energy in a controlled and focused manner. The ultrasonic energy penetrates deep into the tissue, causing thermal coagulation while avoiding adverse reactions in the superficial skin layers. What Happens to My Fat? The thermal injury within the tissue leads to focal necrosis (aka – cellular death) which is passed out of the body over 8-12 weeks. Bonus – the heat tightens the skin at the same time!

“Out of all the fat loss devices we’ve owned, HIFU stands out as our exclusive body sculpting treatment at Next Ov Skin. It surpasses all others in its effectiveness and efficacy.“- Dr. Tenzin, DA

We are the first in WA state to have the highest performing non-invasive fat reduction technology.

Are you ready to transform those stubborn areas resistant to diet and exercise?

Treatment Areas

Body Sculpting Treatment Areas

Still Have Questions? 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does a body sculpting procedure take?

The duration of our body sculpting procedure can vary depending on the area(s) being targeted. We recommend planning 45 minutes for small areas, 60 minutes for medium areas, and 90 minutes for full abdominal + flank treatments. Book a consult with us to get a more accurate estimate of the procedure duration based on your individual needs and goals.

Are the results of body sculpting permanent?

The results of body sculpting procedures are permanent because once you destroy a layer of fat cells, they do not grow back. That area will forever be proportionately smaller than before.  However, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage your weight to prevent deeper fat cells from enlarging. You may desire maintenance (or polishing) fat reduction and skin tightening sessions to sustain results over time. Please book a consultation with us so we can provide a better understanding of the longevity of results for body sculpting and skin tightening treatments.

What areas of the body can be treated with body sculpting?

Body sculpting treatments can target various areas of the body to achieve desired results. Common areas that can be treated include the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, back, and chin. Surgical procedures like liposuction can address larger areas, while non-surgical treatments like HIFU can be used for smaller, localized areas. 

Is there any downtime with Body Sculpting?

There isn’t any downtime with our body sculpting. You can easily go back to your routine right after your appointment. The treatment area may feel slightly warm for a few hours. We have pre and post-care recommendations handy so you can maximize results.

Is body sculpting safe and what are the potential side effects of body sculpting?

Yes, this treatment is incredibly safe when administered by a trained healthcare professional. It is typical for the treatment area to feel warm for a few hours. Less common adverse events may be bruising and blistering of the skin.

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Enjoy Safe Holistic Treatments That Work

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We offer FDA-approved technologies combined with time tested holistic treatments to improve the lives of women.

Results You Can See and Feel

Our HIFU body sculpting is the most effective FDA-approved non-surgical fat loss device available on the market. It’s so good, it kind of feels like cheating.

Beautiful Woman Body Sculpting

The NOVS Difference

“After trying NOVS body sculpting on my stomach, I couldn’t help but want to do my arms and inner thighs because it worked so well, and I only needed two treatments in each area. I can’t complain about getting my moms genes anymore!”

– Happy Mom


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