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“After 12+ years in practice in holistic medicine, I’ve seen profound treatments that make women feel and look better. MANY machines later, and LOTS of moms’ bellies,  I have developed  a holistic nonsurgical treatment process that is suitable for women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.” – Founder Dr. Carleigh Tenzin, DA. Read on to learn more about Next Ov Skin.


The NOVS Experience

More about Next Ov Skin (NOVS). NOVS provides treatments for women wanting holistic, non-surgical body contouring options that are safe, effective, and require minimum downtime. Our purpose is to provide natural, attainable results utilizing the best in state of the art technologies combined with Eastern medicine that contributes to the well-being of women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

Natural and Attainable Body Transformations. This is the NOVS experience.

Our Doctors:

Meet the Edmonds, WA Women Transforming Post-Pregnancy Bodies

Dr Tenzin DA - Med Spa Edmonds Dermatology - Next Ov Skin

Dr. Tenzin, DA

Founder of Next Ov Skin

For 19 years, Dr. Carleigh Tenzin has studied Eastern philosophies and medicine and, for 12 years, has been applying this knowledge in practice. Driven by her desire to provide the best results for her patients, Dr. Tenzin combines her knowledge of Eastern medicine with state-of-the-art technology from Western medicine to give stunning results while staying true to holistic medicine. Dr. Tenzin achieves results for her patients that are natural and safe using non-surgical approaches.


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What are your unique post-pregnancy body transformation wishes?

There is a way to transform your body after pregnancy that is safe, natural, and effective with doctors who understand and value your personal goals. You will feel confident and beautiful again.


Dr. Hughes, MD

Medical advisor & Director

Dr. Elizabeth Hughes, MD is a Stanford-trained physician with over 25 years of clinical experience. For most of her career, she believed that conventional medicine was the only effective method of treating illness and injury. Her perspective was radically changed after a patient was cured of a chronic, “incurable” condition with a simple change in belief. This extraordinary recovery opened her eyes to the innate self-healing power of the human body.

Dr. Hughes came to realize that the conventional medical approach is fundamentally flawed. The current medical paradigm overlooks and dismisses the body’s healing power rather than working with the body to produce greater health and well-being. She vowed to find a better solution.

Her quest led her to study non-Western systems of health and healing, placebo research, and the emerging sciences of epigenetics and psychoneuroimmunology. In the process, she became a registered yoga teacher, a health coach, and a practitioner of several energy medicine modalities.

dr hughs MD - Med Spa Edmonds Dermatology - Next Ov Skin

Your Providers

Katy Turville

Katy Turville

Master Esthetician


With over 25 years of experience as a Master Esthetician, Katy is truly a gem in the art and science of aesthetics. If you are lucky enough to get on her schedule, you will be wooed by her calm presence and master approach to skin restoration & rejuvenation. You can trust Katherine at Next Ov Skin to deliver top of the line treatments and services.

Jennifer Homes

Jennifer Homes

Master Esthetician

Cool, calm, and collected, Jennifer is a true master of her craft. With a wealth of knowledge and experience from her time delivering services in the finest day spas of the Northwest, you can trust that you will receive nothing short of exceptional care. Fun fact: she transitioned from the world of big business to pursue her passion for aesthetics.

Med Spa Edmonds Dermatology - Next Ov Skin

Results You Can See and Feel

Next Ov Skin understands, both professionally and personally, the unique concerns and challenges women experience in their post-pregnancy bodies. A team of professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated doctors providing holistic and non-surgical solutions for women wanting to regain body confidence and love their post-pregnancy body.

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The NOVS Difference

“I finally feel like myself again! My NOVS experience provided results for me that are naturally beautiful with a team that understands and cares about their patients. Thank you.”

– J.P.

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Tips, resources, and how-tos for reclaiming your body confidence post-pregnancy.

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