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Next Ov Skin began as a series of treatments for moms seeking holistic, non-surgical body contouring options that are safe, effective, and require minimal downtime. We have carefully expanded our offerings to include some of the world’s leading technologies and lasers, providing comprehensive skin and body rejuvenation.


The NOVS Experience

Experience natural and attainable skin and body transformations from personable leading industry experts. This is the NOVS experience.

Meet Our Doctors:

Meet the Edmonds, WA Women Transforming Skin + Body Confidence

Dr Tenzin DA - Med Spa Edmonds Dermatology - Next Ov Skin
founder of next ov skin spa dr tenzin

Dr. Tenzin, DA

Founder of Next Ov Skin

My journey began with a home birth that didn’t go as planned, resulting in an unexpected c-section. The scar left me in pain and feeling numb. I wondered, “Am I going to feel this way for the rest of my life?” A colleague introduced me to Neural Therapy, a simple injection technique. After just one injection, 90% of my symptoms vanished, and my scar looked and felt amazing. This experience inspired me to learn and offer the technique to my patients. The results were consistently remarkable, echoing throughout the clinic with stories of healing and transformation through this safe, holistic approach to post-pregnancy recovery.

Listening to women’s other painful concerns about post-pregnancy body changes, I became dedicated to finding techniques that promote targeted healing, allowing the body to recover better than before. I began addressing tummy skin and c-section scars, adding body contouring to reduce the pooch, and incorporating electromagnetic therapy to close the gap caused by diastasis recti. This led me to coin the term “MomBellyMend.”

This journey has been a fun and life-changing career path, evolving from my acupuncture and holistic medicine practice. Clients respond joyfully and enthusiastically to the methods and technologies I’ve meticulously researched worldwide.

I listened to my calling, and doors opened. I met industry-leading professionals who encouraged me, including Kelsey Hansen from Vocal Design, who branded Treat Wellness in airports. Among these inspiring encounters, I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Hughes, a Stanford-trained dermatologist with a holistic approach to treatments and patient care, and Katy Turville, one of the most experienced and leading Master Estheticians in the Northwest. Their expertise has been a cornerstone in developing our clinic’s offerings.

Jennifer Homes and Lindsey Sharp have further enriched our team with their unparalleled skills, enhancing the caliber of care we provide. Together, we’re crafting a clinic culture that’s akin to a dream team—one where drama, burnout, and underappreciation are nonexistent. Our staff is the heart of our operation, and we ensure they are as valued and cared for as our patients.

Passionately working on this clinic and these services, I aim to provide only the best technology that delivers tangible and exciting results. I prioritize the safest, non-invasive technology that offers minimal risks and downtime while ensuring high-performing outcomes. We’re not just doing business; we’re revolutionizing it from a place of inspiration and joy, setting a new standard in the industry.

We’ve chosen to curate Korean technology because it leads the world in innovative solutions for skin and body transformations unparalleled by any other. This was confirmed when we recently demoed the world’s fastest pico laser, which left our team and medical director in awe. The Pico Majesty is the Lamborghini of the laser world.

At Next Ov Skin, we offer a range of rare, FDA-approved technologies and the most experienced providers to deliver these treatments. We’re thrilled to invite you to our clinic and ensure you feel confident in your investment in yourself and our services.

Accepting Clients by Referral Only

Dr. Hughes, MD

Medical advisor & Director

Dr. Elizabeth Hughes, MD is a Stanford-trained physician with over 25 years of clinical experience. For most of her career, she believed that conventional medicine was the only effective method of treating illness and injury. Her perspective was radically changed after a patient was cured of a chronic, “incurable” condition with a simple change in belief. This extraordinary recovery opened her eyes to the innate self-healing power of the human body.

Her quest led her to study non-Western systems of health and healing, placebo research, and the emerging sciences of epigenetics and psychoneuroimmunology. In the process, she became a registered yoga teacher, a health coach, and a practitioner of several energy medicine modalities.

Dr. Hughes is excited to be a part of Next Ov Skin. She believes the principles of self healing and self rejuvenation which are at the core of Next Ov Skin’s process are the most natural and sustainable way for people to look and feel like themselves again. 

All new patients must be screened by Dr. Hughes before receiving treatment

dr hughs MD - Med Spa Edmonds Dermatology - Next Ov Skin

Meet Your Skin Spa Providers

Katy Turville, MA providers at Next Ov Skin
Katy Turville, MA
Master Esthetician

Practicing aesthetics since 1990, Katy specializes in advanced aesthetics and is well-versed in all aspects of the skin care industry. She has collaborated with dermatologists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, plastic surgeons, and other MDs in pre and post-surgery care, maintenance programs for physician-prescribed treatments, corrective lasers, and overall skin health programs. Taking a holistic approach has made Katy especially adept at customizing preventative and corrective treatment plans for all skin types. Katy focuses on advanced skincare and specializes in lasers like Pico for tattoo removal and toning/rejuvenation for every skin tone and type, as well as vascular distention, acne, scarring, sun damage, and general aging issues. She also uses RF microneedling, regular microneedling HIFU body sculpting, combination treatments, chemical peels, and maintenance facial programs for optimal results. Katy will listen to your needs and help you achieve your desired results.

Accepting New Patients


Katy Turville, MA providers at Next Ov Skin
Lindsey Sharp, RN
Registered Nurse

Lindsey is leading the Mommy Makeover treatments at Next Ov Skin.  With over 17 years of experience as a labor and delivery RN and three children, Lindsey brings a unique blend of medical expertise, compassion, and dedication to her practice.  She is dedicated to empowering women through personalized skin care solutions that nurture body and spirit.  Lindsey understands the challenges mothers of all ages and stages face in taking steps to care for themselves and is thrilled to be able to offer treatments that target post-pregnancy concerns that are safe and offer excellent results. Lindsey is a local to Edmonds and enjoys boating, gardening, working out, and spending time with friends, family, and her Frenchie Wilbur. 


Accepting new patients for Mommy Makeover Services:

C-section Scar Repair

Other Surgical Scar Rejuvenation

Body Sculpting

RF Microneedling for face + body

pico laser services
Jennifer Homes, MA
Master Esthetician

Cool, calm, and collected, Jennifer is a true master of her craft. With a wealth of knowledge and experience from her time delivering services in the finest day spas of the Northwest, you can trust that you will receive nothing short of exceptional care. Fun fact: she transitioned from the world of big business to pursue her passion for aesthetics.

Accepting New Patients


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What are your unique skin + body transformation wishes?

There is a way to transform your skin + body at any stage of life including post pregnancy that is safe, natural, and effective with doctors who understand and value your personal goals. You will feel confident and beautiful again.


Med Spa Edmonds Dermatology - Next Ov Skin

Results You Can See and Feel

Next, Ov Skin understands, professionally and personally, the unique skin and body concerns people face during all stages of life. Our team of professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated doctors provides holistic and non-surgical solutions for people wanting to regain body confidence and love the skin they are in.

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The NOVS Difference

“I finally feel like myself again! My NOVS experience provided results for me that are naturally beautiful with a team that understands and cares about their patients. Thank you.”

– J.P.

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